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New Blog for the 2010 FIFA World Cup

Its time!!

¡¡¡Ya llego el mundial!!!

Three years have passed since the Copa America and we are in South Africa for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

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Goal – Argentina 2-0 Mexico Messi scores

Goal? Golazo! Bravo Messi!

Lionel Messi


Almost as crazy as a girl jumping from down from the stands to give Messi a kiss.

Best goals of Copa America

Top Goals through Round 1

1- Nery Castillo. Mexico 1 – 0 Brazil.

2- Juan Carlos Mariño. Peru 2 – 0 Uruguay.

3- Javier Mascherano. Argentina 1 – 0 Paraguay.

Mascherano’s Goal against Paraguay

Mascherano 1
Paraguay 0

Great skill and accuracy on the goal that gave Argentina 3 points.

Javier Mascherano’s goal against Paraguay

Freddy Adu scores a hat trick

After suffering through Twellman and Eddie Johnson up against Paraguay it would have been a welcome change of pace to have seen Freddy Adu at Copa America. Look at this amazing goal he scored on his way to a hat trick at the U20 cup being played in Canada.

Herculez Gomez + Freddy Adu. A great duo for the future.

Freddy Adu scores a great goal at the U20 tourny

Click to watch / Clique para ver

Robinho – Penalty. Robinho – Goal.

Animated gif of the penalty and Robinho’s goal against Ecuador.

Penalty against Robinho

Brazil 1, Ecuador 0 - Robinho pk

Nery Castillo’s Goal as a .gif

Mas de Nery Castillo.. because we can’t get enough Nery Castillo on the blog…

Animation of Nery’s brilliant goal vs brazil.

Nery Castillo scores against Brazil


Top Goals this week

1- Nery Castillo. Mexico 1 – 0 Brazil.

2- Juan Carlos Mariño. Peru 2 – 0 Uruguay.

3- Salvador Cabañas. Paraguay 4 – 0 Colombia.

Those were the best goals for Copa America for the first matches.