Uruguay 1 – 3 Mexico

El Tri finishes third in the Copa America, for the third time after a controversial penalty and some good play from its young guns.

Hugo wins the bronze

It started off slow until Uruguay got another goal from El Loco Abreu. Abreu didn’t play too many minutes during Copa America, but he made the most of the ones he did play.

The fun for Uruguay wouldn’t last too long because the game changed after a great free kick by Mexico smashed against the crossbar and somewhere in the scrum the Uruguayan captain Diego Lugano shoved his forearm into the face of Torrado. At least thats what it looked like to me. The ref saw something more violent because he sent off Lugano with a red card and awarded a penalty to Mexico. Nery Castillo looked ready to take the kick but Blanco claimed the shot and the young star wouldn’t deny the Mexican legend in what might very well be his last international match. Cuauh ran for about 20 yards and struck in an unstoppable shot to tie the game.

Playing a man down Uruguay gave Mexico a lot more space to move and that gave Omar Bravo and Andres Guardado a goal each to claim the bronze medal in the tournament. A feel good win for Mexico that will give Hugo momentum as his team thinks about 2010. Uruguay leave a lot of doubts with Alvaro Recoba announcing his retirement from the national team and not as bright of a future as their fans would like.

The Star

Gerardo Torrado. M, Mexico.
I spotted a trend. Torrado plays – Mexico plays well and gets results. Torrado is out – Mexico goes backwards. Not a flashy player by any means, but crucial to the Mexican national team.

The Ugly Duckling

Diego Lugano. D, Uruguay
The only player to get the distinction in back to back games, the team captain misses the last penalty shot against Brazil and then gives away the bronze to Mexico after a foolish foul.


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