Top Goal Scorer Copa America 2007

There is no trophy that I know of for this achievement, but being the top goal scorer in any competitions is always the secondary objective of a striker (the first being winning it all!). It is a bit of a surprise to see Riquelme this high but he really has been the life of Argentina and their key player in Copa America. I think that if Crespo starts tomorrow then it will be unlikely to see Riquelme take the top goal scorer title from Brazil’s Robinho.

As you can see in the top goal scorers table Robinho has a one goal advantage over Riquelme and while Robinho still is Brazil’s main threat on attack, Juan Roman will be primarily looking for assists and not shots on goal, except for anything from a free kick. However if Riquelme can score one more goal than Robinho in the final, they will share the trophy. If he scores two goals more than Robinho, then its his for keeps. But I would expect that regardless of the outcome of the final, Brazil and Real Madrid forward Robinho will be the top goal scorer for Copa America Venezuela.

Of course, watch out for Nery Castillo who might come and ruin the party by knocking in a hat trick today! Actually I don’t even know if Nery is fit and will play but you never know…


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  1. estoverao on

    What’s interesting is neither Riquelme or Robinho are out and out goal scorers like Crespo or Ronaldo, but both have the creative footballing ability, mental capacity and inherent greatness to be able to lift their teams in whatever way is needed.

    When the tournament started I remember reading an interview with Robinho and the press asked him whether Messi was the most dangerous player for Argentina and though he gave Messi credit, he clearly stated that Argentina will only go as far as Riquelme takes them.

  2. venezuela07 on

    Great points! Robinho was clearly spot on with his pre-tournament analysis.

    I think the player who should had easily picked up the top goal scorer ‘award’ was Forlan since he faced Peru, Bolivia and Venezuela in the first round, and then Venezuela again. That’s four games against the weakest teams in South America.

    At Boca and Barcelona, Riquelme would almost never score but he started to more often at Villareal and this tournament was definitely his break out moment.

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