Semifinal 2: Mexico vs Argentina

This is the battle many have been waiting for. The rematch of the best game in the 2006 world cup!

June 24, 2006 is when the two sides met up in Leipzig in the round of 16. Mexico went up with a goal by captain Rafa Marquez. Shortly after Borghetti scored an own goal on a corner to equalize at 1-1. An exciting game ended with a 1-1 but during extra time Maxi Rodriguez came up with a sensational goal to give Argentina a 2-1 victory.

Maxi Rodriguez won’t be playing this time. Neither will Crespo who is out injured. But a lot of the factors in last year’s matchup return and expect a high energy, high emotion game. One to not miss. Carlos Tevez won’t. He replaces Diego Milito in the starting lineup. Nery Castillo is nuring a knee injury but it expected to suck it up and play. Without Nery, Argentina can cruise to victory. With him, Mexico can challenge anyone.

Gametime and odds:

Mexico vs Argentina. 8:30pm EDT. Univision/GolTV
Mexico – 5.25
Argentina – 1.55
Tie – 3.75

Replay on Fox Sports en Español at midnight EDT. No coverage on ESPN or ESPN2 so don’t look for it there.


6 comments so far

  1. riqui on

    your coverage of the copa has been great, thanks for doing this and keep up the awesome work.


  2. venezuela07 on

    Thanks riqui

  3. Azael on

    what’s your take on the winner?

  4. johnny on

    Roman is on fire. Argentina will go as far as he can take them. He has been lights out now for about 3 months. Maybe the best stretch he has ever had.

  5. venezuela07 on

    Azael – I cant decide on one without knowing how Nery’s knee is.

  6. lola on

    I want to do sex with you tonigh

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