Girls obessed with Leo Messi

This one is hilarious. A girl so obsessed with Messi, she jumps down from the stands in front of Messi to give him a kiss.

In Venezuela it rains girls on Messi.

Messi-mania is ridiculous.

Now in an animated gif with English subtitles:

Girls flying at Messi Click to view/Pulse para ver


12 comments so far

  1. Pibe on


  2. Cannon on

    Leoniel might have a huge you-know-what!

  3. […] Almost as crazy as a girl jumping from down from the stands to give Messi a kiss. […]

  4. Anonymous on

    Messi sucks

  5. LUIS on

    Isaw messi crying like a baby on Bacalona’sLast game

  6. wondimagegn on

    oh messi is so fantastic. i was so sad when he cried. i am mad about him. he is the best player of the world…..and i think he will take the award of best player of the year 2007/08 then cristiano ronaldo…..

  7. IHEARTMESSI!!!!!!!!! on

    I LOVE MESSI!!!!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous on

    messi is awesome as.
    ive been trying to make my own messi vid but i dunno where to get the videos to put into the video.. can any1 tell me where to get them?

  9. Anonymous on

    messi is frikin HOOTT…I WANT HIS BABIES

  10. Cat on

    Gosh I love him !! Im having a high Messi Fever now :O

  11. Gim on

    This is crazy page about leo messi

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