Venezuela 1 – Uruguay 4

Adios Venezuela!

Venezuela fans

Uruguay eliminates an uninspired Venezuela, booting the host nation out of the tournament with plenty of goals.
The game was 1-2 until the very final minutes when Uruguay sealed Venezuela’s fate with two quick goals but the score was indicative of their respective efforts.

Venezuela did not start strong, something surprising considering they had the entire stadium behind them. Early on the chances were for Atletico Madrid striker Diego Forlan who missed 3 or 4 easy chances to score and eventually did on a breakaway to put the Uruguayans up 0-1.

It wouldn’t last long as Juan Arango scored a set piece goal after an amateurish error by the Uruguayans on the wall. Arango made it 1-1 and the Venezuelans went crazy. It was about time Arango did something; his team was constantly making history yet he continued to have a lackluster performance. At least this time he was able to get a goal and not go unnoticed.

After the goal a dull Venezuela seemed to want to play for the draw. Uruguay would have none of it. A brilliant goal by Pablo Garcia in min 64 opened the game and Cristian Rodriguez and Forlan would get two more right before the end to give them a deserved win and a berth in the semifinals.

The Star

Pablo Garcia. M, Uruguay.
The contention midfielder was very active disrupting any attempts Venezuela made on the attack. He scored a gem of a goal to give his country the lead for good, something you don’t usually see from him.

The Ugly Duckling

Renny Vega. GK, Venezuela.
A disaster of a game for Vega who would only get a touch of a ball after it was in the back of the net. Didn’t pose much of a problem for Uruguay who comfortably scored 4 on him.

Goal Summary (in Spanish)


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