Nery Castillo

Now we’ve already heard from Olympiakos, saying their striker Nery Castillo is not for sale. Somehow I have a hard time believing Nery will be going back to Greece after Copa America. A lot of goals, a lot of speed and too much great play for him not to get bids from the big European powerhouses. He may not be for sale but everybody has a price.

Football Manager, the popular football sim game has his value tagged at $7 million (approx 5 million euro or 3.5 million pound sterling). That seems pretty darn cheap and expect to see that price skyrocket. BTW, if you’re a lazy footy executive, the contact page for Olympiakos is here.

Nery Castillo

The new star of Mexico. So long Borghetti.


3 comments so far

  1. Cannon on

    Come to Arsenal Castillo!

  2. Sandra on

    Nery my love I wnat ot see you in Real madrid

  3. sandy on

    I want to do sex with you

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