Chile 1 – 6 Brazil

Dunga and his goal scorer

Dunga couldn’t be happier and it showed. Even though the game was decided early on, the Brazilian coach celebrated each and every goal like if it were Brazil’s first.

Brazil walks all over Chile and gains confidence and an ego boost heading into the semifinals. Chile played well for all of 15 minutes before Juan would start the scoring with a header from a corner kick. Julio Baptista and Robinho would add a beautiful goal to add a 3-0 lead during the half.

The second half saw more of the same, although the goals weren’t anywhere as nice. Robinho added another one in his personal quest to end up as the tournament’s top goal scorer. Josue got one in reward for his rise to fame in the selecao. And poor ol’ Vagner Love who has worked like a dog in these four games finally was rewarded with one of his own. For his part, El Chupete Suzao left his mark scoring an amazing goal for Chile and saving some face for his country. He will go home disappointed at how his nation leaves Venezuela, but showed he is an elite player. The same can’t be said for the Chilean defense that played as well as the French in WW2. There was little resistance and little fight and Brazil rolled on as if this were an exhibition match.

The Star

Robinho. F, Brazil.
The Real Madrid star did shine today but more importantly, he didn’t have to do it all himself.

The Ugly Duckling

Ismael Fuentes. D, Chile.
Fuentes should have worn a white flag and asked for mercy because he wasn’t marking anybody tough and letting Brazil get off shots at will.

Goal summary (in English)


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    Campeão Porra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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