A chance to shine

Robinho training
Will he be remembered as the star of Copa America?

Robinho has already to proven to be a star for the Brazilians, but a star in a dull team doesn’t shine. With the increased importance of the games in Round 2, Brazil will hopefully step it up now and give Robinho the chance to not only be a star for Brazil, but the star of the Copa America.

Right now the face of Copa America 2oo7 is undoubtedly Juan Roman Riquelme, but as we closed the book on the first phase of competition the doors are wide open for any player of the eight remaining nations to shine brightly.

Robinho’s chance begins tonight.


3 comments so far

  1. ahmad mansour on

    i like robinho

  2. oscar on

    Robinho is the best soccer player in the world!!!!!! he is amazing and he is the master of the scissors!!!!!!!!!! he is so fast and talented i dont understand why he doesnt start in his games?

  3. SANEH on

    robinho is so amazing,he’s the best player and i love him so much. i wish one day he can see me and make thing happen between us.hey i’m from SA in KZN in DURBAN for direction.i want to be your wife.

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