Copa America Round 1 – Stars

Best team: Argentina.
Nobody can argue otherwise.

Surprise player: Humbero Suazo. FW, Chile.
I never heard of the former Colo Colo striker until this tournament and he has left quite an impression with an amazing performance against Ecuador followed by good games vs Mexico and Brazil. He has signed with Mexican side Monterrey, but look for him to end up in Europe before not too long.

Best goalkeeper: Guillermo Ochoa, Mexico.
An amazing game against Brazil and played two games keeping a clean sheet in both.
If Ochoa was #1, then Paraguay’s Aldo Bobavilla deserves a #1b.

Best defender: Rafa Marquez, Mexico.
A poor first round of play for most defenders leading to lots of goals when the games counted but Rafa was solid and Mexico’s defense was stingy even without Pavel Pardo.

Best midfielder: Juan Roman Riquelme, Argentina.
Without a doubt the face of the tournament so far. Riquelme quit the national team a year ago and has made a return in grand fashion playing only two games but impressive in both.

Best forward: Humberto Suazo, Chile.
Yes, I know you wanted me to say Robinho and his 4 goals, but listen up. Two of those came by way of PK – and horribly struck PKs at that. Not only that but Robinho really had one great game against Ecuador and then two average performances. El Chupete Suazo has been the most aggressive and best performing striker. I would put Robinho second, and Crespo third. Messi deserves no mention because he might be a fan favorite but did very little in comparison to the guys mentioned above.

Best goal: Nery Castillo, 1-0 Mexico vs Brazil.
No brainer. There is a reason it is the most clicked posts on this blog. An impressive goal by the Olympiakos star.


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  1. estoverao on

    Suazo is definitely the suprise player, he has been the only Chilean with any attacking flair . . . but unfortunately you got a little carried away by saying he is the best forward ahead of Robinho. Robinho has been carrying Brasil on his back and even though they lost to Mexico, he himself had a great game, especially in the second half. I have a feeling this year will be a repeat of the last COPA AMERICA final with Argentina playing the better football until they choke in the final against the SELECAO from Brasil!!!

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