Things I don’t like about Copa America Venezuela

  • How the final games of the first round are meaningless.
  • The national anthems are played but cut short. Makes no sense.
  • The weird colors of the netting on the goals.
  • When they have fireworks mid game for no apparent reason.
  • That Uruguay moved on after scoring a whopping 1 goal in 3 games.
  • USA, Mexico and Brazil no bringing their top talent.

Nothing major, but then again I haven’t seen first hand that the stadiums are actually only partially built like the good folks at Latin Football World are reporting. And I’m sure there are political tensions around since the pro Chavez and anti Chavez camps continue to verbally battle around Venezuela.

Did I miss anything?


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  1. Marty on

    But exactly which games featured mid-game fireworks for no apparent reason? Venezuela-Uruguay? Mexico-Chile? Bolivia-Uruguay? Basically anything involving Uruguay? (Yes I’m Australian so not overly keen on them.) Seems to me fireworks would provide a welcome distraction!

  2. venezuela07 on

    Good question Marty, but I don’t have the answer. I just don’t recall which games had the fireworks because the seemed so random. The one I remember off the top of my head would be Colombia vs Argentina because they showed them briefly on tv.

    And I’m sure you will be pleased to hear that Uruguay is playing some horrible football. Every game they seem to get worse. Very talented on paper, a mess on the pitch.

  3. estoverao on

    Brazil didn’t bring their best team? If their best team is the one from the World Cup which included Ronaldinho & Kaka (who both started every game and didn’t do sh*t) then I’m glad they choose their second best. I’m enjoying watching this young squad struggle and develop together as they get tested by South America’s finest. Anybody who truly follows soccer knows that there are always periods of transition and Brazil is in the middle of one. The RONALDO era is over, now welcome to the era of ROBINHO!!! RONALDINHO had his chance during the last WORLD CUP to make this his team and we are all familiar with what happened there?

  4. uctriton on

    I thought I was the only one who noticed that the national anthems were being cut short. You have to wonder who’s bright idea that was.

  5. venezuela07 on

    estoverao – I agree with your point about Ronaldo. If I were Dunga, Ronaldo and Adriano would never be in the selecao again. But Kaka, Lucio and Ronaldinho are missing. You have a defensive midfield with people like Elano and Diego who are not doing anything special, put Kaka in there and its a different story!

    uctriton – I know… and I agree. The emotions of the national anthem are something very basic and very necessary in international tournaments.

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