Copa America Website Hacked!

Copa America’s website – run by – is hacked at this very moment by some people calling themselves Hipermachine and I think they are insulting Dunga. If anybody speaks portuguese please translate what it says here: “Vamo La Dunga Nao Deixa a Peteca Cair Porra!!!”

Screenshot of hacked pageCopa America Hacked


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  1. Angelina on

    Oh! they are not insulting dunga. They are saying like “Lets go Dunga! Dont let the things go wrong, dammed!”
    something like this! 🙂 im brazilian.

  2. Angelina on

    They say also: “even with the poor football that Brazils team is presenting, we still believe in them!”

  3. venezuela07 on

    Thanks for the translation Angelina!

    It was actually a pretty positive message. I expected something more harsh 🙂

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