Colombia and USA in final Group C play

Game times and odds for today’s Copa America games.

Colombia vs USA – 6:30PM EDT – Telefutura/GolTV
Colombia – 2.10
USA – 3.15
Tie – 3.25

Argentina vs Paraguay – 8:30PM EDT – Telefutura/GolTV
Argentina – 1.45
Paraguay – 6.40
Tie – 3.90

Surprising to see such great odds for a draw in Argentina vs Paraguay. Argentina is playing all its subs in an unproven lineup and given the current string of boring anti-futbol games, this one is a good candidate for another 0-0 yawner. They have something to play for, but seem to be more interested in resting players.

USA versus Colombia hopefully will be a great game. Both teams are eliminated and will play for pride. And I can assure you pride will mean a lot to an embarrassed Colombian squad eager to erase the 1-0 defeat by the US in the world cup years back. The Americans on the other hand will want to show that same aggressive style we saw against Paraguay, but without the plethora of misses. I haven’t heard about the lineups yet but I SERIOUSLY HOPE HERCULEZ GOMEZ GETS A START. If you’re employed by US Soccer and happen to be reading this, make it happen. Everybody and their mother had a shot at scoring against Paraguay and only Ricardo Clark figured out how to do it. Time for Herculez!

Andres Escobar - Scored an own goal  Note to Colombians: Don’t score an own goal 


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  1. jose on

    note to americans: keep playing football

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