Colombia 1 – 0 USA

Have a great flight home guys!

USA 0 Colombia 1

The American boys didn’t really feel like playing today and it showed. Colombia came out strong but then easied into cruise control after Castrillon struck down a great header out of Guzan’s reach. It was an early goal that might have thrown a wrench into Bob Bradley’s gameplan, except I don’t think he had one. He must have told them just to go out and do whatever you want. Herculez Gomez and Moor played decent but Colombia outclassed the US in the first half. Around the 35th minute Rodallega breaks away and finds Guzan mano-a-mano, but Guzan reaches out a bit too far and fouls the Colombian striker. Penalty for Colombia.

With the 2-0 immenent, Guzan comes up strong and attones for his earlier error by saving the PK. One of the finest highlights for the US in the game. The second half was more favorable for the Americans with good play by Mapp, Gaven and Charlie Davies. Some scoring chances, but they really didn’t do enough to deserve to win. An uneventful end to the Copa America for the US and small consolation prize for Colombia knowing at least they leave with 3 points.

Guzan saves a penalty against Colombia

Click to see Guzan’s pk save as an animated gif

The Star

Mario Yepes. D, Colombia.
Solid game by the defender from PSG and the Colombian defense keeping the US strikers from getting off a lot of shots. Nothing fancy, but a job well done.

The Ugly Duckling

Hugo Rodallega. F, Colombia.
The striker (who plays in the Mexican league) missed a PK with a poor kick. So poor was the shot, that at he ended the game playing goalkeeper for his team.


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