Venezuela 0 – 0 Uruguay

Absolutely horrible game. Nobody wanted to play because nobody wanted to win, so both teams just decided to hang out for 90 minutes. The worst game of the tournament and surely one of the worst games in Copa America history. Doesn’t deserve any more commentary.

Uruguay vs Venezuela

Uruguay played scared

The Star

Simon Cruz. Referree.
No player for either team deserved an accolade. Simon on the otherhand ref’d this game less than 24 hours after being in charge of a violent  Colombia – Argentina. I can’t recall ever seeing a ref two days in a row in a professional level.

The Ugly Duckling.

Venezuela. Uruguay.
Both teams put fans to sleep and a crowd that was animated at the start of the game ended rowdy and pissed off. For the record, Uruguay advances to round two with 1 goal in 3 games. A disgrace.


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