Robinho – Penalty. Robinho – Goal.

Animated gif of the penalty and Robinho’s goal against Ecuador.

Penalty against Robinho

Brazil 1, Ecuador 0 - Robinho pk


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  1. Marty on

    The Cruyff turn… The Bergkamp touch… The Maradona dribble… The Pele fake… The Robinho flop (would he be infringing on the legendary Fosbury Flop?).

    Love the page, by the way. Just found it today.

  2. Anonymous on

    LOL what a dive!

  3. Alexis Casas Rodriguez on

    ese es gay

  4. anonymous on

    Yes, yes, yes it was a dive.

    But dont think hes the only one who does it. As a matter of fact i dont think there are many players out there who would pass up a chance to win a game by simply throwing yourself to the ground inside the 18 yard box.

  5. Anonymous on

    liirfv kkffllgr”l, ofjjgl

  6. Anonymous on

    kjiurliirfv kkffllgr”l, ofjjgl


  7. nicolas on

    olp nesesito un video super bueno de cristiano ronaldo plizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  8. Janelle on

    I have been researching Ecuador in class. IDK why I choose it, but I have really been enjoying it. Nicolas is on my report and I think he is sooo cute! Well, anyways it’s fuuny and wish me luck with my report!

  9. jose on

    that was so cheap robinho was so faking it, that referee sucks and ecaudor deserved to win the match damn straight.

  10. johneyker on

    tiene q quitarle la como mejor jugador a c.ronaldo
    y darselo a robinho

  11. Anonymous on

    eso robinho

  12. Anonymous on

    that was a very nice dive

  13. mohamed on

    robinho my forvorite player since i was 5 i always watch him play liked robinho and i always watch robinho he is not the best but he good to me

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