Nery Castillo – not for sale

With all the hype around Nery, rumors have been floating around that somebody would come to Olympiakos with a big check to take him to another league.

Olympiakos president Socrated Kokkalis said he will reject all offers because he is not interested in selling Castillo. The 23 year old striker raised in Uruguay but born in Mexico is a hot commodity. Chelsea reportedly contacted about him and Shakhtar Donetsk in Ukraine offered approx. $13 million to buy him.

And if reports from Mexico are correct, Nery Castillo will not play against Chile today so he can get some rest and avoid picking up another yellow card. Not having Nery Castillo will help Mexico avoid winning since they will miss his lethal instincts on attack.  That will fall into play with my conspiracy theory that Mexico might be looking to lose against Chile to set themselves up for an easier  round two.


4 comments so far

  1. victor on

    nery is so good her mom won´t pay for nery castillo´s college

  2. victor on

    nery castillo is so good her mom won´t pay for college

  3. […] July 8, 2007 Now we’ve already heard from Olympiakos, saying their striker Nery Castillo is not for sale. Somehow I have a hard time believing Nery will be going back to Greece after Copa America. A lot […]

  4. Sandra on

    I hope Nery goes into a bigger league.. He deserves that, more than anyone else

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