Mexico 0 – 0 Chile

Mexico and Chile agreed not to play hard and settle for a point each in another horrible and boring game. Not even up and coming stars like Andres Guardado, Omar Bravo or el Chupete Suazo could save a game that lacked passion from the start. Nothing else worth commenting.

Mexico vs Chile

So boring, this match put you to sleep 

The Star

Guillermo Ochoa. GK, Mexico.
In the only real chance of the game, Tello takes a surprise shot at goal off a set piece but Ochoa reacts well and saves the 0-1. In a poor game like this, that’s enough to stand out.

The Ugly Duckling

Nelson Acosta and Hugo Sanchez. Both coaches had their teams in idle mode for a game that wasn’t worth watching.


2 comments so far

  1. Marty on

    That second hat looks versatile enough to cover all *ahem* physical states.

  2. derek on

    Dreadful anti-football. Tactically made sense for both teams, but it was still cowardly. Would rather watch sun burn.

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