Happy 4th of July! Games Today..

Hopefully the teams today will provide some fireworks.

In conclusion of Group B play the games today are:

Mexico vs Chile – 6:30 EDT Univision/GolTV
Mexico –  2.50
Chile – 2.70
Tie – 2.80

Brazil vs Ecuador – 8:30 EDT Telefutura/GolTV
Brazil – 1.28
Away – 8.50
Tie – 4.33

Mexican coach Hugo SanchezNotice how Mexico are NOT heavy favorite today. Reasoning?

First, they are already qualified.
Second, losing will likely benefit them! Winning today means they secure the top spot in Group B. Which means they play either Argentina or Paraguay in the quarterfinals. Losing today by more than a goal, would likely put them as 3rd in the group meaning they would face Chile again.

Will Hugo play all his subs looking to accidentally lose? We’ll find out this evening.


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  1. […] avoid winning since they will miss his lethal instincts on attack.  That will fall into play with my conspiracy theory that Mexico might be looking to lose against Chile to set themselves up for an easier  round […]

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