Peru 2 – 2 Bolivia

Bolivia gave it everything they had but will head home tonight after a draw that does them no good. A late goal by Pizarro, in what seemed to be an offside position, tied a game Bolivia had dominated.

What a shame for Bolivia, a team who worked twice as hard from the get-go and scored two beautiful goals. But they came up short against a Peru that scored the equalizier when they were down a man. Two great passes by Mariño – who had his third good game in a row – and two solid headers by their captain Pizarro – who finally emerged – got Peru the point they need to advance.

Peru didn’t play well at all. Farfan left the game at halftime with an unknown injury and their team was slower and less creative than Bolivia. The win came off of two set pieces and a lot of fouls. But hey, they got the job done. In the 90 minutes I think they might have tried attacking down the left only once. Their strategy was give the ball to Ismodes on the right wing and see what happens. Ismodes was pitiful and couldn’t connect a single cross. Instead it was up to Paolo Guerrero and Mariño to bring forward any game they had.

Peru will breathe a sigh of relief but fans can’t be pleased at what they saw today. Pizarro, Guerrero, Mariño and an injured Zuñiga played well, the rest stunk. They will need a better effort in the second round if they want to stick around.

Peru scores to tie against Bolivia

The Star

Pizarro. F, Peru.
Although he didn’t come into play much outside the two goals, I have to admit he was the difference in the game and pretty much saved Peru from an agonizing early elimination. I wanted to give this to Vacas, Campos or Mojica from Bolivia who all played extremely well, but they were outshined by Pizarro on the stats.

 The Ugly Duckling

Herrera. D, Peru.
Listen up Herrera, you came in as a sub when you team was losing and in 20 minutes you pick up two yellow cards and get booted leaving your team a goal away from qualifying and with 10 men. Dumb move pal.


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  1. alex on

    para ti

  2. futbolarg on

    Goal of Perú in the end of the match and Perú avance to quaterfinal.

    ADRIAN de

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