Who’s moving on

Group A:
Venezuela is through no matter what happens.
The rest of the group is very much in it as the 2nd and 3rd place finishers will move on, so there is a lot at stake in their final games. Last team in the group (currently Bolivia) is will be eliminated.

Group B:
Mexico has already qualified for round 2 play.
Brazil and Chile are not mathematically in yet, but you need some crazy scenarios to happen for them to be eliminated at this point.
I mistakenly stuck the fork in Ecuador but they are still in it, as long as they beat Brazil by more than two goals and Mexico wins. Plausible if yet unlikely scenario.

Group C:
Paraguay and Argentina are through and will battle to see who is the #1 seed.
USA and Colombia are going home as long as pigs don’t fly.


By the way, if you haven’t seen how the knock out round is scheduled, it is completely laughable. Whoever gets 1st place in Group A can practically go on cruise control. Perhaps the best thing for Brazil is to finish third in their group (eek!) and avoid Argentina in the next round. That’s COMEBOL for ya, host country gets the spoils.


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