Mexico 2 – 1 Ecuador

Nery Castillo scores again for Mexico
Nery Castillo again scores the 1-0 for Mexico

Mexico gets the job done and advances to Round Two after yet another great performance by striker Nery Castillo and some awesome saves from their goal keeper Oswaldo Sanchez.

La Tri beats Ecuador 2-1 with the lone Ecuadorian goal coming late in the game. For your cliff notes: 1-0, min 21 Nery Castillo. 2-0, min 79 Omar Bravo. 2-1, min 85 Edison Mendez.

The Mexican squad is playing really well lately with amazing goalkeeping by either Oswaldo or Ochoa, solid defense, a hard working midfield and a lethal attack. At this rate, nobody is going to want Jared Borghetti back in the lineup. Nery Castillo has a brilliant left foot and amazing speed, which netted him the opening goal tonight and places him as Mexico’s top scorer in the tournament. Omar Bravo nailed one in coming off the bench.

They also have the luxury of bringing in an aging but effective Cuau Blanco as a sub. Both he and Bravo created Mexico’s second and deciding goal, surely giving Hugo Sanchez some praise in his hometown papers tomorrow.

Meanwhile poor Ecuador is most definitely going home even if they have played rather well. Some sloppy defense led to the first goal but they tried damn hard for the rest of the match and got off some great shots, but inspired goalkeeping kept them off the score sheets until very late in the game. Mathematically I think they still might have a shot at getting through the first round, but they have a better shot at winning the lottery I’m sure because they face Brazil next. Mexico takes on Chile in a game that means a lot more to Chile (and Brazil!) that it goes to La Tri, but I doubt Hugo will let his guard down and play the subs because he wants to be firing on all engines when they hit the second phase of play.


The Star

Nery Castillo. F, Mexico.
Yet again the speedster is all over the place and gets a score. He is completely dependent on his left foot and can’t do jack with his right but nobody is able to stop him.

The Ugly Duckling

Oscar Bagüí. D, Ecuador.
Confusion on his part directly led to Mexico’s opening goal and even though he played better, between him and Hurtado the defense wasn’t as solid as they needed to pull out with a win.


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