Brazil 3 – 0 Chile

They came, they saw, they conquered.

A desperate Brazil converted a dive in the area to go up 1-0 and get back on track. With the threat of not getting out of Group B this was a must game win against Chile. The Brazilians delivered but it wasn’t easy. It took them to the final minutes of the game for Robinho to seal the deal and then throw another one down in good measure.

Brazil had good play on the wings with Gilberto and Maicon – until his injury early on. Dani Alves and Robinho skillfully worked the wings and bring on the attacking game. Once they got the lead, a shaky Alex and Juan on defense gained confidence and were able to play more comfortably. A more relaxed Brazil imposed their game, but not in their typical fashion. Dunga made only one change in the starting lineup, replacing Diego with Anderson, and it didn’t make a difference. Anderson stunk, much like Diego did in the group opener. Brazil didn’t play that beautifully with the change, and you can bet Kaka and Ronaldinho are not worried about losing their spot in the starting eleven.

Chile had a good strategy coming in. Their gameplan was to have at least five guys back at all times and sit back and play the counter attack with Mark Gonzalez and el Chupete Suazo. That worked until the Vagner Love took a dive and the ref gave Brazil a PK. Yes, it could have been called a penalty, but I’m sure if it was Chile taking a dive, it wouldn’t have been. Robinho takes the penalty kick, badly, but scores. Suazo played great up on top for Chile, but he was alone and had too much of a mountain to climb by himself.

With the lead, Brazil slowed down and played more relaxed. There were a bunch of good plays on both sides, with most of it coming at the end. Without pressure Robinho had space and knocked down two more goals to soothe the pain from the Mexico game. He seems like the only striker capable of scoring for them. What is Vagner Love doing? Not much so far.

Anyway you look at it, Dunga will be happy. He got his 3 points and he got the Robinho he hoped for.

Robinho vs Chile
Robinho 3 – 0 Chile

The Star

Robinho. F, Brazil.
This is what Real Madrid expected from Robinho – someone capable of being a game breaker. He still needs to work on shooting those PKs.

The Ugly Duckling

Anderson. M, Brazil.
He got his chance today as a starter but was subbed out early and never left his mark on the pitch. He won’t be proud.


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