Venezuela 2 – 0 Peru

Venezuela will be partying Saturday night.

On the brink of elimination after the win by Uruguay, the hosts came through and beat an impressive Peru. Two goals – the second one a gem by Arizmendi – sealed a crucial win, with a little help from the ref.

Thirteen is the unlucky number, moreso if you’re Peru. Thats when #18 Pedro Garcia got a red card for throwing an elbow. Up one player Venezuela pressed with a motivated Maldonado trying really hard even if he didn’t find the scoresheet. On the other side was Arango, the star of the Vino-tinto who again was absent. Like the first game, he completely disappeared and went unnoticed so Venezuela had to get its goals from unlikely sources.

Chichero came up for a set piece and nailed in a header for 1-0. While everybody celebrated, Peru’s Guerrero missed an easy score when he was mano-a-mano with the Venezuelan keeper. That quickly quieted the jubilant crowd.

Peru, down a man and missing an easy chance, had another shot when they were clearly fouled in the area but the ref inexplicably chose not to call the penalty. Archundia – the Mexican ref – was right there, so he definitely saw it and there was no doubts about it, yet for whatever conspiracy theory you can come up with. the PK wasn’t called.

Penalty? Not for the ref
Penalty kick for Peru!! Or not!?

Not even an inspired Mariño would be able to bring Peru to score. Venezuela later added to their total with that beautiful goal by their sub Arizmendi and would go home happy.

The Star

Maldonado. F, Venezuela.
He didn’t score and actually had a couple of bad shots, but he drove Venezuela forward when nobody else would. The only player that actually seemed to notice Peru were a man down for most of the match.

The Ugly Duckling

Paez. M, Venezuela.
The only reason this spoiled brat is on the field is because daddy is the coach. He whined and complained and got rightfully red carded for his trouble. Thankfully, he will miss the next game.


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