Uruguay in the news

More drama for ex-Uruguay player Dario Silva.

Silva who played in several European teams, most recently Sevilla FC in Spain was arrested last night by Spanish police in Sevilla. Charges are unknown. As you may recall, Dario suffered a horrible car crash late last year in which he ended unconscious and had a leg partially amputated.

Good news off the pitch for Diego Forlan.

Coming off a crappy performance against Peru, Forlan has moved to Atletico Madrid from Villarreal. Forlan has improved a lot in Villarreal after a couple of mediocre (at best) years with Manchester United. Atl Madrid is rumored to pay 21million euro ($28million) for the transfer. A good deal for Villareal since they bought him from ManU for only $3.8million only several years ago.

Diego Forlan

Atletico coach Javier Aguirre (Mexico’s old coach) should be happy to have Forlan on board in case Fernando Torres leaves to England. Lately Atletico has been adding a lot of South American players in hopes of rivaling the far better Real Madrid. Their strategy hasn’t worked but they are sticking to it. Atletico is home to Maxi Rodriguez, Sergio el Kun Aguero, Leo Franco (all Argentinians), Luis Perea (Colombia) and Cleber and Diego Costa (Brazil). Bianchi was their coach not too long ago, and actually current Argentina coach Coco Basile coached there back in the mid ’90s.


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