Recoba still out?

Bolivia can breath easier if reports from Peru confirm that Uruguayan superstar Alvaro “El Chino” Recoba will miss yet another start due pain on his right leg. Uruguay looked horrible without El Chino and its hard to replace a player of that caliber. PSG’s Cristian Rodriguez is expected to take his place in the starting lineup. He was previously replaced in the starting 11 by Estoyanoff, who didn’t impress.

Still, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Oscar Washington Tabárez throw Recoba in the lineup just before the game or as an early sub. This game is a must win for Uruguay and Bolivia is a strong team in the midfield that can challenge them.

Alvaro Recoba
El Chino Recoba


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  1. […] but their lack of talent on the attack meant their game kept stalling at the midfield. Uruguay, without their star Recoba, again looked lost an confused. Diego Forlan, Atletico Madrid’s new signing, did not look […]

  2. Martin on

    Recoba star of Uruguay since when?
    So ignorant the onw that writes the news!
    Don’t know anything of football: Bolivia strong midfilders?

    fuck you!

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