Bolivia 0 – 1 Uruguay

Grey skies, wet pitch and an ugly game.

Bolivia played well, but their lack of talent on the attack meant their game kept stalling at the midfield.

Uruguay without their star, Recoba, again looked lost and confused. Diego Forlan, Atletico Madrid’s new signing, did not look like he was worth that big transfer fee. He looked more like the Forlan from back at Manchester. Cristian Rodriguez their other highly touted player was also flat. There was no adrenaline in their game, no tempo in their pace. It was slow, bad football.

Uruguay celebrates their goal

And so was the goal.

The difference in the game was a goal by Toluca striker Vincente Sanchez, coming off a center from the right, which rebounded off of Forlan. Sanchez wasted no time sticking his leg in there for an ugly, yet very important goal.

Did Uruguay deserve to win? Sure. Carini was incredible in the final minutes, being a mere spectator for 89+. Sanchez played well, and so did Diego Perez. But Uruguay without a doubt is playing the ugliest football of the tournament – which isn’t something to jump on a bandwagon for. Personally, I’d like to see them out as soon as possible since they will probably ruin any upcoming excitement in Round 2.

Copa America football is about up tempo, a high pace, displays of skill and ability. None of which Uruguay are demonstrating, even though on paper their team is rather impressive.

Will this change when Recoba returns? We’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

The Star

Vincente Sanchez. F, Uruguay.
Goal scorer (albeit it an ugly goal), he gave his country 3 extremely important points and put the most effort and class on the day.

The Ugly Duckling

Joselito Vaca. M, Bolivia.
The Blooming midfielder couldn’t orchestrate anything on offense and was subbed out early. It wasn’t a lack of effort, but he was overmatched.


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