Group C

The Group of Death!

Group A is obviously an easy group, and of course Venezuela is in it. 🙂

Group B is a tough group with Brazil, Mexico and Ecuador, three teams from Germany 2006. Add a surprising Chile to that mix now.

Group C though is El Group de la Muerte, The Group of Death.

Lets start with Argentina. Unlike the Copa America in Colombia, where they were too cowards to attend, they come to Venezuela with all their star power. Basile is leaving nothing to chance. They are rightfully so the favorites to win, with – in my opinion – the best goalkeeper in the world in el Pato, a world class defense, an incredible midfield and lethal strikers. An amazing team!

Then you have Paraguay, a team who is rebuilding after many years being led by their outspoken goalie Chilavert and an experienced and veteran defense. Everybody expects Paraguay to sit back, put 9 men in the box and then rely on a counterattack. But with a lot of talent in midfield and the incredible Roque Santa Cruz on attack, this is a well rounded team that can challenge anybody.

USA the recent Gold Cup champs comes to Venezuela as an invitee, and as a disappointment to all US fans they don’t bring their top talent, but still bring a promising squad. Not likely to win the cup by any means but they are capable of causing damage.

Colombia rounds off the group, and although they took a beating, they have never been a bottom feeder team. But yes, to the dismay of their fans, the cafeteros havent seen the elite of football in a while.

Four tough teams, all coming into this Copa America with recent wins and momentum. Can Argentina roll through it? I expect them to, but you never know…


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