Colombia 0 – 5 Paraguay

Who is your Colombia’s daddy?
Answer: Roque Santa Cruz.

I can imagine he isn’t welcome in Colombia anytime soon. But don’t blame him. If you’re a cafetero look no further than your forward Dominguez who missed a penalty that would have given them a 1-0 lead. When you miss a penalty, not only do you miss a score, team morale gets deflated. There isn’t anything easier than scoring from a PK and of a sudden Colombia lost focus. Thats when Paraguay struck, and they struck quick. One long pass to the area and Roque shows off his finishing skills for the 0-1.

Colombia goes from bad to worse

They didn’t give up on the game after the score, but they became really sloppy on defense. Ivan Ramiro Cordoba from Inter Milan, was once regarded as a world’s elite defender but man he SUCKED. He looked old, slow and amateurish trying to slow down the Paraguayan strikers. The second half opened and Roque wasted no time catching the Colombians asleep.

Whistle. Pass. Shoot. Score. 0-2.

Paraguay shoots twice on goal. Scores twice! Where is Rene Huiguita when you need him? Miguel Calero was incapable of doing anything. Maybe he shouldn’t have worn that hat since he wasn’t seeing anything coming his way.

From then on Colombia moved the ball well trying to get forward, but everytime Paraguay came with an offensive the Colombian’s defense failed to stop the advance. 0-3. 0-4. 0-5. Slap in the face to the hopes of Colombia. A party for Paraguay.

Lost in all the goals was how clean the match went on. Very little fouls. No complaints. No cards. The ref got the penalty call right, but Colombia got it all wrong. Time to give Pacho Maturana a call.


The Star

Roque Santa Cruz. F, Paraguay.
Every touch was golden. A hat trick to put him on top of the charts for the cup.

The Ugly Duckling

Ivan Ramiro Cordoba. D, Colombia.
Not a game to remember. His days as a player may be numbered.


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