Argentina 4 – 1 USA

The Gold Cup champions vs the best team in the tournament. All the Che’s were smiling when Mexico surprised Brazil the day before, but they got pretty quiet when Milito went rough over Eddie Johnson in the area.PENALTY!!! For the US!

Now you have Abbondanzieri to beat, one of the best penalty kick stoppers. And you have Veron talking shit in your ear. So what does Eddie do? SCORE!!! 0-1. Shocker.

But it wouldn’t last long. Argentina pressed forward and quickly answered with Crespo and his new haircut scoring the equalizer. Then came some really boring play. With an amazingly talented Argentina not being able to put together any type of play and a lackluster and inexperienced US team killing the tempo of the game.

Halftime. 1-1.

Basile was probably not very happy and he wanted to shake things up a bit. In comes Pablo Aimar. Out goes any hopes for the USA. Aimar dominated and orchestrated Argentina into a world class team. Crespo, GOL!!!! Aimar, GOOOOOOL!!!! El Apache Tevez, GOOOOOOLLL!!! Arg 1 – 1 USA turned into Arg(Aimar) 4 – 1 USA.

Aimar won his starting spot in the team with a magnificent performance. Cambiasso left, Aimar entered and the Argentina we all expected came to life. Messi was excellent. Lightning fast with the dribble, incredible stop-n-go and change of pace. Tevez did whatever he pleased and Crespo’s lack of hair gave him some extra strength on his shots. Keller had no chance against that firepower. Now Colombia, after getting 5 from the Guarani’s must be losing sleep.

The Star

Pablito Aimar. M, Argentina.
Game changer. Brought the high pace and tempo we are used from Argentina. Got on the scoresheets as well.

The Ugly Duckling

Gabriel Milito. D, Argentina.
Bad performance by Gabi, causing a penalty, fouling anybody and everybody around him. Getting the game’s only booking. Luckily his teammates covered up his performance with 4 goals, so the fans in Buenos Aires won’t notice.


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